Fix a Broken Fingernail With a Broken Nail Repair Plan

A broken fingernail does not need to ruin your lovely nails. You can fix it without having to completely file your nail down. If your fingernails are a lovely length and you have a broken nail, have a fingernail repair plan in place to help the broken fingernail grow out.

First of all, you need to remove any nail polish from your broken fingernail, always use a non acetone nail polish remover, as acetone will dry out your fingernails. Using an acetone remover is ok if you only use it at least once a week.

Once the polish is removed, gently wash your fingernails in warm soapy water and dry completely.

The quickest way to fix broken fingernails is with glue, and it is usually a good idea to carry one around in your handbag so you are always prepared for such an emergency until you get home. You will find this type of glue in any nail section of stores.

When using the glue to repair your split fingernail, be careful not to get to much glue on your nails or fingers. Apply a very thin amount of glue along the tear and gently press the fingernail and tear together. Using a toothpick to apply pressure for a minute will help the broken nail bond into place.

You probably wont have a toothpick in your handbag if you are out, so just apply a small amount of glue and gently press with your finger. Most glue is quite strong, but you will be able to remove it with nail polish remover.

Gently smooth the fingernail you have just repaired with a nail buffer and then apply a coat of nail strengthener. When dry you can apply your favourite nail polish color.

If you don't have any glue on hand, put a tiny piece of tissue paper over the broken fingernail and cover using a top coat or clear nail polish. If the broken nail is quite severe, you can fix with a trusty teabag, which you probably have in the kitchen pantry.

Cut the teabag open and let out all the loose tea.

Cut a small piece of the tea bag and position it over your broken nail, cut the teabag to fit your fingernail. Making sure you cover the entire nail and not just where the break is. Cover the entire patch with glue and spread over evenly with a toothpick, allow to dry.
Trim any excess of teabag that may be hanging over your fingernail.

File your fingernails and gently buff the nail until it is smooth. You will now be able to paint with your favourite nail polish, nail strengthener or clear varnish. As your fingernail grows, keep filing the nail until the break has grown out leaving you once again with beautiful fingernails.

Don't use nail polish remover on the fingernail with the teabag patch. Using fibreglass is another option for fixing broken fingernails. Fiberglass is mainly used for fake nails but it is also handy to help repair cracked, damaged or split fingernails.

Cut a piece of fibreglass to cover over the split; do not cover the entire fingernail.

Apply glue over the fibreglass, be careful not to put too much glue on, just a little at a time. If you have not got it right, you can easily remover with polish remover and start again. Once the fibreglass is on and the glue has dried completely, gently buff your fingernail until smooth.
Apply nail base coat, nail polish or clear polish.

Having a broken, split fingernail on occasion is ok, but if it happens too often, try including a supplement such as biotin. Biotin will help to thicken your nails so they are stronger, and you will have less broken nails. Using one of the above remedies for broken fingernails will help keep your broken nails intact until the break grows out.

Once you have mastered these little fingernail tricks, you will never be caught out with a broken fingernail again.

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